Good news for the university students of the MP, every month hugs are given.

Bhopal, desk report. There is good information for private and government students in Madhya Pradesh. According to the 2020 National Education Policy, internship galas are organized every month at state and private universities within the state, and students qualify based on their activities. The Ministry of Higher Education has issued some advice in this regard.

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According to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education, all state and non-state colleges and universities in the country are obliged to establish internship cells. Semester internship galas are held in all state and private colleges and universities in the country. And scholars are trained according to their aspirations. The refereeing cell and refereeing officer were nominated for this, and after viewing the remaining names, a selection could soon be made.

As per the Department's guidance, the Board should be established in all universities and linked to the Swami Vivekananda Career Guidance Program by visiting the Department of Higher Education website. Monthly internship exchanges must be organized within the institute and the details of the scholarship recipients must be uploaded to the dashboard.

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For the rest, self-employed students should be sent for internships in companies after completing the trivia form and finding a training place. Encourage students to become entrepreneurs by organizing entrepreneur fairs until the incubation centers are ready and giving them the opportunity to sell their products.